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Have a question, idea or suggestion? Let us know!

Please make sure you have reviewed the Burning Man 2022 and Information & Policies pages before contacting us. We can get a lot of questions and we want to take care of everyone, which means we will prioritize answering questions that we haven't already provided and published information about. We will be adding an FAQ or updating page content as needed and time permits. 

General questions, inquiries, ideas and suggestions:

Looking to collaborate on Bulk or Art Transportation?

By working together we can optimize Container space utilization and offer your camps, projects and art teams discounted rates. We would also love to collaborate with Burner communities in regional cities who can organize and bundle trucks with bulk orders to make DC Container & Logistics more convenient and less expensive for the whole Mid-Atlantic.

Please make sure you have read and understand the Bulk Orders and Art Transportation information before contacting us through this form. 

Regional, Bulk or Art Transportation Interest

Thank you!

We will be in touch!

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