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Few volunteer opportunities allow for such direct support of our community's creativity, or offer so many opportunities to learn.

Over the years we have learned that DC Container & Logistics is one of the best run and least expensive Burning Man Community Container programs in the country. And all of the container programs successfully deliver on what most professional logistics companies would have a hard time saying yes to.


While DC Container always listens and learns, and while we have 10+ years experience in planning and organizing, we all know each year it's always really about bottom line execution.


No one makes this more real than our amazing volunteers, who every year, one way or another, support our entire community deploying our dreams and creations to the most unusual and unlikely of places.

Are you interested in learning how we do what we do? Do you like seeing all your favorite community members show up all day happy to join the party? How about making the unusual possible?

Watch this space for DC Container and Logistics volunteer opportunities!

Some of our key volunteer roles:

  • Strengthenators - Physically loading bins, bikes, and stuff onto the Containers.

  • Loaders - Assist other Burners with their bins and ensure all bins are properly labeled.

  • Bike Wizards - Remove bike pedals, turn handlebars, supervise load in

  • Tetris Masters - Use your spatial skills to pack the Containers with bins, bikes, and art!

  • Container Gods/Goddesses - You want it all?! Monitor an entire Container for a day to manage the flow of everything that goes into it and ensure the right things are being loaded into it. Works very closely with Tetris Masters.

  • Fluffers - Keep volunteers well-fed, hydrated, give them the tools they need and make runs as needed to pick up for food/beverages and other supplies.

  • DJs - Play kick-ass, heart-pounding music throughout the day to keep our volunteers motivated - 80's, 90's, EDM...Your set, your music choice.

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