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You asked. So we figured out how to create scalable, less expensive Love Burn transportation that's partially refundable in case of cancellation.

After two years so many of us are so ready to get to a Burn, a beach burn in the dead of winter, no less. And, it would be easier to figure out how to again make plans if we had options in case Love Burn were cancelled. We had to do the same to make a Love Burn logistic mission from DC and Norfolk, VA work. Here's what we came up with:

  • We are offering space in a scaled and phased manner.
    The container estimate we received was too high to risk an event cancellation, so we figured out a viable lower cost initial solution and ways we can scale up with smaller and more manageable transportation solutions. We will open up more options as more space is needed.

  • We will be offering load in and out options in the DC metro area and Norfolk, VA.
    Please check back for updates on exact locations. We will also email those who purchase space.

  • We upgraded our ordering system to reduce fees and allow us to refund at least 50% of the order total in case Love Burn is officially cancelled.
    Our new system has allowed us to get away from expensive EventBrite fees and through the PayPal payment gateway offer at least a 50% refund in the event that LoveBurn is officially cancelled due to COVID or weather.

  • We have some capacity to transport burn-wide art for free.
    If you are bringing art that is being displayed and shared in public space at Love Burn (not just your camp or village) we are trying to get it there at no cost. We can't guarantee that we have space for all art like this but please contact us if this is you. 

Our normal packing requirements and policies will apply to our Love Burn mission. Please make sure you understand and agree to them before you purchase any space as they apply regardless.

Ready to get your things to Love Burn?

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