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Burn Gear: Atwood3DFabrication: Sip Clip

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Have you ever been at a Burn, decided to take a rest or watch a spontaneous performance, set your camel-bak down, then 10 minutes later decided you wanted a sip of water, grabbed the camel-bak bite valve, and stopped (in FML horror) because it now has a 5 pound concrete boulder of wet Playa dust all over it? No? Then you either don't have a camel-bak, you haven't been to Burning Man, or you are a crappy liar.

Luckily, IAMU camp mate Nick Olsen has saved us all from that persistent, inevitable camel-bak FML moment with his custom designed and 3D printed Sip Clip!

With Sip Clip, you can actually turn any backpack into a camel-bak because it securely holds the bit valve in a place where it won't get al cruddy, which means you are pretty good with just throwing in a bladder into any backpack.

From Nick's Etsy page: "The Sip Clip is most compatible with 90 degree bite valves. Please take this into consideration when making any purchases. If you are retrofitting existing equipment we suggest putting the water bladder inside a gallon freezer bag."


Sip Clip comes in 3 colors AND, if you mention IAMU in the order, Nick says he'll THROW IN A SPARE AS A GIFT! Some lucky bastard won't have to yell 'FML!!!!' because their camel-bak nipple has been encased in cannon ball of crud because you are generous and awesome!

Order your Sip Clip!

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