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'Discovering My Wings: From "Perfect" Wife to an Untethered Life' by Kara Kihm

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Kara Khim has authored, Discovering My Wings: From "Perfect" Wife to an Untethered Life, which chronicles her amazing journey from the collapse of her "perfect" marriage and life, to discovering and creating who she is, to the realization of her truest dreams. From the description:

"From suburban Virginia to wild Alaska, the desert at Burning Man to the lush Sacred Valley of Peru, Kara’s trip is a nonstop adventure and a deep dive into the depths of her soul. Kara’s journey isn’t just a cross-country road trip, it's a constant deconstruction and redefining of identity, from the perfect southern woman to a gritty, fierce, intuition-following adventurer."

Can confirm! What's more, Kara describes her time with IAMU (as a first time Burner who showed up for Build Week, no less) as a pivotal moment of realization that there was far more space and support in her life to become who she is. Read more about the crazy backstory and what a huge impact Kara had on the creation of our camp and community culture.

Available at Amazon

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