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Healing, embodiment, childbirth, and the transformational power of making it up.

Kara and Cici offered viewers a world of positive, insightful and accessible perspectives during their School of Serenity debut "Women's Mental Health & Empowerment". Moving from sharing about the relationships between internal and external self-image, to larger shifts in dynamics and attitudes towards mental and emotional health in the world, their conversation was lucid, fun and generous.

Particularly moving were the questions and perspectives about Fair's (Kara's daughter) 'forest' birth, which was supported by Cici, Roman, Charles, Carol (Kara's mother) and the midwife / doula teams. Khady and Orhan had also helped with birth preparation support the week before Fair arrived. In particular Cici noted how challenging it is for women to feel embodied and safe within themselves at all, much less in the context of the shared, supportive experience of community.

As the conversation went on, Kara, who is a new host of School of Serenity, and Cici kept returning to a concept that works as a touchstone to escaping persistent constraining perspectives and creating an immediate and accessible opening: It's all made up. The idea came up a few times and the two took a moment to share a bit about IAMU as a space, culture and container for new and transformational experiences. Kara and Cici originally met one another at IAMU in Black Rock City in 2014 and it was amazing to see them share their dynamic energy and insights on their first show together.

Watch "Women's Mental Health & Empowerment" on 4M TV (via Facebook)

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