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Kara and Raj offer a master class in living into and transforming addiction and pain into presence.

Kara has been on quite a roll with her new hosting "School of Serenity" gig at 4M TV USA. She recently interviewed Raj Aggarwal (IAMU 2013, 2104) about his remarkable journey from addiction to founding and leading Provoc, a creative and strategic communications focused on dismantling systemic racism and ending major diseases rooted in equity.

They touch upon Raj's time at Affinity Lab, one of the world's first co-working spaces (co-founded by Charles) as a transformative space where he found a vibrant, creative community of action that he could reach and live into his future. Anton Gelman, Christiann MacAuley and Ian Fisk are also Affinity Lab alumni who have become part of the IAMU crew of co-creators and supporters.

Worth a listen for many reasons, especially on the power of choosing to be where you are and making space for what you feel, which create the space and context for transforming your life and being able to situate yourself in the joy and miracle of the life you live into.

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