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'The One Habit Difference: How Adding One Habit Can Lead To A Lifetime of Good Health' by Jay Vilar

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Those who know Jay Vilar know he is no stranger to trying and creating new paths. We often say in camp that we 'act our way into a new way of being'. Jay makes the idea of creating healthy habits easy and accessible. From the description:

This book is written for the person that already values living a healthy lifestyle and does not need convincing that it’s important to do so. I offer 101 healthy habits that will start someone on a path to live healthier lifestyle. Some habits are easier than others, so even the most neophyte health nut can start from the easiest place. For the more advanced health enthusiasts there are more comprehensive habits that can improve their life. The goal is once you established a new habit and it’s become part of your lifestyle and then you can take on another habit. These habits are meant to help aid your body in healing, detoxification, and nourishment.

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