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Vote for the IAMU Flag

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

We fly a lot of flags. How about our own?

As has been the tradition for many years now, village members and even neighboring camps bring flags they want to fly on the tower. We've flown a lot of different flags, even flags that don't normally get flown together, which has opened up space for interesting conversations that aren't often had. You know what flag we haven't flown? Our own.

This has in particular bothered KJ, who has persisted in making sure we create and fly the IAMU flag at Love Burn 2022 and wherever else we go from there. Thank you, KJ! The first step is to pick a design we like. The flag will likely be a standard 3' x 5', full color and double sided.

So take a look below and vote for your favorite! And if you don't see one that you like let us know and send us a suggestion! Voting and / or design suggestions close by Thursday, December 1midnight.

IAMU on White Field

IAMU on Black Field

Playa Sky

Big Bright Sky

Vote now!

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