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Transportation & Logistics

Some dreams need to be delivered.

Since the beginning we have had to learn how to learn to move things. Each iteration or unpredicted circumstance has taught us something, and it is important to everyone that we don't have to learn anything twice. Starting with the DC Container Program, we are now expanding our interests and practices into vehicle and container / storage conversions, and a few of us are also pursuing our curiosities in light and personal transportation builds and experiments.



Also known as DC Container, we have moved more than a million pounds of artwork and installations, infrastructure, supplies and provisions to Black Rock City over the years. In 2021 we began organizing a similar and more dynamic solution for Love Burn.



IAMU has had a long standing dream of getting all of our gear and infrastructure on wheels. Surprisingly, doing so all at once would save us lots of money, time and effort all at once, and onwards. Learn more about our village fundraiser and member vehicle conversion projects.


DC Container & Logistics Program

DC Container

Since 2012 we have organized the DC Containers, now called DC Container & Logistics, with a dedicated and capable volunteer crew and a community that every year gets stronger and more experienced with packing and loading. We have been grateful and proud to offer our communities the least expensive, most convenient and best organized logistics options possible. What we are most grateful and amazed by is seeing the scale and finesse of our communities expand in what they dream up and cleverly pack to represent the DC area in Blackrock City. Since the beginning we have offered discounts for artists and community projects, and have also been glad to see growing cooperation and collaborations on shipping projects locally, regionally and nationally.

Beginning in 2022 we answered the call to organize transportation and logistics between DC / Norfolk, VA and Love Burn in Miami, FL. Our challenge was to find a way to allow for a more dynamic and scalable solution so that 1) we did not have to commit to a large (massive) sunk cost of an intermodal shipping container, so that 2) we could offer our communities a partial refund in the event that Love Burn was cancelled due to COVID.


Vehicle & Container Conversions

Vehicle & Container Conversions

Our experience at Burning Man, and more recently creative missions, sussed out and invited deeper interest in making things mobile. Several camp and village members have completed and ongoing vehicle conversion projects. We are also imagining new tactical transportation solutions to ease deployments and spacemaking.


Most recently, IAMU acquired a used, custom built, insulated 48' intermodal semi-trailer and chassis to move everything out our expensive and labor-heavy IAMU / HRV storage spaces in Fernley, NV. The 'Anything Box' (a working title) will save the village loads of time and money, as well as further reduce our carbon footprint. It also makes moving our entire village anywhere in North America (perhaps the world) possible.

Here's the latest on our vehicle and container projects...

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